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Welcome to the INFOCOM Homepage! It is my intention to create a definitive homepage to pay homage to the company that created some of the best computer games ever, period. Most of the information contained here can be found in one form or another somewhere on the Internet. Much of it can be found at and at the Activision homepage.

At this site you can find information on all of Infocom's interactive games, Infocom related articles, sample transcripts, InvisiClue hints, walkthroughs, maps, and information on buying Infocom games today.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions just drop me a line at or sign the guestbook (BEWARE: the book is large and the site is slow). The kind people at have set aside some disk space for a mirror site at
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Zork I (Win95, DOS, Mac)

 Zork II (Win95, DOS, Mac)

 Zork III (Win95, DOS, Mac)

 Zork: The Undiscovered
Underground (alone or with
Win95 or Mac interpreters)


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