The Trophy Case

It seems some people out there have liked the site enough to deem it worthy of bearing their advertisements (cleverly disguised as awards).

The Joe the Circle Out-of-Site Award! Joe the Circle Out-of-Site Award December 2, 1995
The 80s Server's Totally Awesome! Site of the Day Totally Awesome! site of the day February 26, 1996
This site is an eyeSITE for the DAY AWARD WINNER! eye WEEKLY's eyeSITE for the DAY June 1, 1996
GameSpot HotSpot GameSpot HotSpot August 16, 1996
Game Briefs HotSpot Hot Spot award for website excellence January 1, 1997
GooSpot Mark Reynold's GooSpot February 8, 1997
Gamesmania Gold Site Award Gamesmania Gold Site Award May 12, 1997
Majon Web Select SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD" July 30, 1997

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